Over time your computer starts to slow down. Installing and uninstalling programs, creating and deleting files, hardware failure, hardware obsolescence and time are all causes of slow-downs. Before you decide to get rid of that old computer give us a call to see if we can breathe new life into your old computer.

What is reconditioning?

We consider reconditioning to be the re-installation of Windows and/or the hardware upgrade in older computers. Reconditioning can be a good way to get some more time out of a computer in order to repurpose a machine or buy some time to save up for a new machine.

Why recondition?

Generally it is more cost effective to attempt to recondition than it is to purchase a new computer and then pay to have your programs installed and all of your data moved over to that new computer. We also feel that it is better for the environment to recondition a computer with new parts as opposed to the environmental impact of manufacturing and shipping a new machine.

What if reconditioning is considered to be a bad option?

In the event that reconditioning is considered to be a bad option we will put together a quote for a new computer with the appropriate resources based upon your needs.

Don't worry, we can transfer your files and settings!