Data Recovery

Data Recovery - Free evaluation

Due to the mechanical nature of hard drives it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when your hard drive will fail. If we determine that a logical failure has occurred we will do an initial recovery attempt to determine if we are able to recover any data. In the event that we are able to recover data we will transfer the data to an external hard drive or burn it to CD or DVD media. We have also partnered with Gillware Inc., a company that specializes in data recovery from physically damaged drives in order to provide the most effective recovery solution. Through this partnership we will mail your drive(s) in for a free quote. If you decide not to go ahead with the recovery they will mail your drive(s) back to you.

How does data recovery work?

Depending on the situation data recovery is done two different ways. If the drive is not physically damaged it is just a matter of taking a snapshot of the drive and then attempting to recover from that snapshot. If we are not able to recover the data we will then send the drive to a specialist. In cases of physical damage it may be necessary to send the drive off to a third party that has a clean room in order to have the drive disassembled and repaired. Then that third party will attempt to recover as much data as possible from the drive.

What should I do if I've lost data?

The first step is always turn the computer off and leave it alone since attempting to run the computer decreases the likelihood of data being recovered. The next step is to call us at (914) 627-9002 to schedule a tech to pick up your computer.

My computer won't start, is slow, or is making noises.

In these situations we advise people to turn the computer off and give us a call at (914) 627-9002 so that we can make sure that the hard drive is not failed or failing. Attempting to use the computer in these situations could lead to data loss or corruption.

This service may be covered by your homeowners or business insurance.